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With over 300 approved suppliers of branded, generics, OTC, cold chain and controlled drugs we offer a comprehensive, competitive and first class service tailored to meet your needs.

Expert knowledge of over 85 countries covering Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America, North America, Far East, Australasia and Africa.

A dedicated account executive providing the best possible service and customer care.

Working with Government Agencies, Ministries of Health, wholesale distribution and pharmacy chains, we work to develop long-term partnerships that you can rely on.

Using validated and QA approved shippers we ensure that all consignment are delivered compliantly.

Cold chain products are shipped within specialist systems along with data loggers to monitor traceability throughout.

We are able to translate package inserts into any language to meet requirements for your local market.

All package inserts are translated by our certified translation team and pharmacist.

All suppliers are rigorously checked and authorised by our QA Department to ensure that products are of the highest quality. Click Here